Dynamic Flexibility

September 18th



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This will be a two and a half hour workshop using Feldenkrais® Method to improve your ability to do yoga. Flexibility is a balance of strength and the ability to let go of muscles that don't need to work so hard. Katie and Ron specialize in helping students and clients find the muscles that need to work less in order to achieve a posture or an outcome. Outcomes include better coordination, better balance, increased strength, pain alleviation, improved athletic performance, enhanced perception, increased awareness and more energy.

With guided instruction, visual imagery and assistance for your individual body and movement patterns, improvement is immediate. Let us help you to clear up movements so that you can do them simply and with ease! Dynamic movement is your birthright. Over time, muscles we hold unconsciously get in the way of our flexibility. However, everyone has the capacity to improve and become more flexible.

Overview: Workshop will include a flow of yoga and Feldenkrais®, individual yoga and Feldenkrais® sessions and interactive games as a group. Throughout the workshop, Ron and Katie will come around to assist students to help them to become more aware of their individual habits and patterns in order to improve their movement. There will be "before" and "after" assessments to measure improvement and state of mind so that students will leave feeling a difference.

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