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A Heart Filled Thank You!

My first experience with Feldenkrais was an individual session with Kate. I didn’t know how such simple movements could make me feel so rejuvenated but I knew that Kate was a gifted healer and that Feldenkrais would become a part of my life. The weekly movement classes under Kate’s calming guidance have taught my body to let go of unnecessary physical stress and strain. As a result, not only do I physically move more freely and gracefully but my mind has also learned to let go of unnecessary constraints, leaving me to focus my energy on what’s important to me. It is a perfect example of the mind/body connection. Now I can’t imagine my life without Feldenkrais.

- Sue Fortin

Feldenkrais is bit mysterious. The theory is that one’s neurons are not carved in stone but can make adjustments over time. When younger, rising from the floor from a seated position was a snap. Then it wasn’t. Range of motion became more difficult too. And there were stiff joints. I heard about Feldenkrais and how it works on neural pathways and decided to give it a try. I have taken Katie’s Feldenkrais classes for five years now and have no trouble getting up from the floor. My shoulder joints rotate better.  The class energizes and seems to reboot me. The body seems to find new ways to do the things that are no longer easy the old way. Thanks Katie!

- Louise Sullivan

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