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Feldenkrais Method® Articles & Links

Where Did The Feldenkrais Method® Come From?: Refusing an operation, he was prompted to intently explore and develop self-rehabilitation and awareness techniques by self-observation, which he later developed as his method

Back Pain: The Washington Post - There are now 1,300 certified teachers in the United States and about 14,000 in 22 other countries, including China, Australia, Russia and Germany. More than 1,000 lessons created by Moshe Feldenkrais

Chronic Pain: The New York Times - The group class, called Awareness Through Movement, was followed by an individual session called Functional Integration with a therapist that helped to free tight muscles and joints that were limiting my motion and increasing my discomfort

Exercise Therapy for Osteoporosis: The Washington Post - At the Friendship Heights Community Center, says one of her students, a man in his mid-60s,

credits the classes with loosening his

calves and eliminating his lower back


​Extreme Sports: Huffington Post - As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I have worked with marathoners, martial artists, mountain climbers, sailboat competitors and professional dancers. Each one of them was quickly challenged

How Feldenkrais Helped Me With Yoga: Huffington Post - When the teacher finally asked us to stand and notice differences from the beginning of the lesson, my state change startled me.

Despite my resistance, I felt refreshed, vital and uncharacteristically at ease

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